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6 ways to purchase property using your super

If you have read any of my other articles you should now that your SMSF is a fantastic vehicle for holding your investment properties.

Extremely tax effective with the maximum possible asset protection.

In this article I will review the 6 ways that your SMSF can purchase property:

1. Direct purchase
2. Instalment warrant
3. Tenants in common
4. Joint venture
5. Unit trust
6. Pre-99 unit trust

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How to buy property with your super – video overview

Tweet In this video animation I have put together, I am going to go through a basic overview of how purchasing property in your self managed super fund works when you utilise a loan and instalment warrant structure. The reason I have decided to put this video together, is that there is a lot of […]

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Follow up post – company as trustee of SMSF

Yesterday (25th of August 2010) there was an article in the Australian Financial Review (AFR) which illustrates the why a SMSF not only needs adequate insurance cover, but why it is essential that a company as trustee is used – especially when it comes to investing in property.

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Podcast interview – purchasing investment property in your SMSF

This very informative podcast / interview explains in plain English the steps and process involved in purchasing geared property via a self managed super fund

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choose your smsf trustee wisely

5 reasons why you need a company as trustee for your SMSF

90% of people who set up a SMSF get it wrong! Learn why it is so important to utilise a special purpose company as trustee of your SMSF rather than individual trustees.

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