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Under 35? Five things you MUST DO NOW to boost your super!

Chances are, if you are under age 35 the balance of your superannuation savings is probably the last thing from your mind. This article will reveal five basic tips that you can use to immediately start giving your super a boost.

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6 ways to purchase property using your super

If you have read any of my other articles you should now that your SMSF is a fantastic vehicle for holding your investment properties.

Extremely tax effective with the maximum possible asset protection.

In this article I will review the 6 ways that your SMSF can purchase property:

1. Direct purchase
2. Instalment warrant
3. Tenants in common
4. Joint venture
5. Unit trust
6. Pre-99 unit trust

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How to buy property with your super – video overview

Tweet In this video animation I have put together, I am going to go through a basic overview of how purchasing property in your self managed super fund works when you utilise a loan and instalment warrant structure. The reason I have decided to put this video together, is that there is a lot of […]

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Podcast interview – purchasing investment property in your SMSF

This very informative podcast / interview explains in plain English the steps and process involved in purchasing geared property via a self managed super fund

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