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DIY super SMSF property improvement loan

Repairs vs improvements with property purchased under a SMSF loan

There are restrictions on the renovation or improvement of investment properties owned by SMSFs where a limited recourse loan is used. This article examines the differences between repairs and improvements and what you are legally allowed to do.

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SMSF property investment balancing act

Special: Real life case study

Tweet There is a significant amount of information available on the web in regards to using your superannuation to purchase investment property through a self-managed superannuation fund and a limited recourse loan. However, the information seems largely theoretical, lacking detail and often only focuses on one particular aspect of what is a very complex process […]

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Portrait of Smiling Steel Worker in Factory

How business owners can BUY their premises using their super – Part 1

In business one of the highest overheads you have is rent. Would you rather all that rent money going into your landlord’s pockets or funding your retirement nest egg?

Due to recent changes to the superannuation laws, you are now able to combine your existing superannuation savings with a special type of loan making it possible to own your business premises without the previously required large amount of capital.

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Information required for audit

What auditors look at with SMSF limited recourse loans?

Every SMSF needs to be audited by an appropriately qualified auditor every year. With the increased number of SMSF trustees looking to purchase property using the limited recourse borrowing opportunity, the obvious question is:

“How will a limited recourse borrowing impact on the audit of my SMSF?”

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buy property with super FAQs

5 common questions about buying property with super

Over the last month I have received numerous emails from people asking questions relating to buying property with a SMSF utilising the super borrowing opportunity.

This article reviews the five most common questions I am asked.

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