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About Kris Kitto

My name is Kris Kitto. My primary reason for starting this blog is to educate about something every working Australian has, but might not totally understand – superannuation.

I have been fortunate enough to gain a large amount of knowledge and experience in the taxation and superannuation fields, including self-managed super funds (SMSFs), and through this blog I want to pass on this knowledge in the hope that other people can benefit and improve their lifestyle – not just in retirement, but throughout their lives.

The Cooper Review into Australia’s Superannuation System said:

Although the above is over 10 years old now, it still stands true. This blog is my little contribution to rectifying the above issue.

I have seen a lot of strategies and products being peddled to help people generate wealth that promise everything, but deliver nothing.  I have seen good, hard-working and intelligent people get sucked into schemes they probably knew somewhere in the back of their minds weren’t quite right.

Most frustrating of all I have seen people lose large chunks, if not all, of their retirement savings through unscrupulous investment spruikers or simply through their own lack of knowledge.

And that is why I am here: to firstly prevent you from losing your retirement savings and secondly educate so you are empowered to take control of your superannuation and your wealth creation.

This is what I am passionate about.


A little about me…

To be honest, I hate it when I read a bio of someone that simply rattles off all their education, qualifications and experience.  To me it seems superficial and simply doesn’t really tell you what they are about.  Let’s see if I can do better…

I am 40. I am a Chartered Accountant. I live and work on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast. I am married with two young children (identical twin boys!).

I have been deeply involved in the operations and growth of two successful specialist SMSF accounting / administration businesses – one for SMSF trustees and a wholesale business that works with financial advisers and accountants.

I’ve never really fit the mold – which doesn’t seem a good thing when you are a member of the traditional and conservative accounting profession – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The most enjoyable part of what I do is working with  investors / SMSF trustees as well as other professionals and entrepreneurs and helping them bring their business dreams to fruition – especially if that dream is something new, better or different to what is currently around.

Technology is bringing about a seismic shift in our industry and is creating so many wonderful opportunities – there is no better time to strike out and create a unique new business or service offering. For me that is the most exciting part – helping to fan that rebellious idea into something tangible and something awesome.

It’s no wonder I’ve found a my feet in the self-managed superannuation fund space. By definition every individual who has started an SMSF is not following the status quo – and I’m passionate about supporting those who want to do things differently so they can do it well.

It’s a privilege that not only can I assist clients directly, but I can also assist and influence other advisers to help them deliver to their clients.

I believe the sentiment that those why are crazy enough to think they can change the work usually do – so thank you for calling me ‘crazy’ it’s the biggest compliment I can receive.


My promises to you:

  • I will always try to write my articles in a straight-forward, plain English manner and not use technical jargon or cut-and-paste information directly from a text book
  • I will endeavour to maintain 100% accuracy wherever possible, and if I will get it wrong I will rectify the mistake as quickly as possible
  • I will be honest
  • I will try to always provide both sides of the argument or alternative opinions; however I will NOT sit on the fence.  I have opinions and those opinions are based on my experience, knowledge and personal values
  • When using case studies or examples I will make them as realistic and accurate as possible
  • Where I have a direct or indirect financial interest in a certain product or service I will disclose it
  • I will not share your personal information (such as email addresses) without your permission

I look forward to sharing my superannuation knowledge and experience with you in my upcoming blog posts and articles.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me or leave a comment.


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