I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can visit to find information and tools relevant to growing your wealth with super.

I’ll share useful items and tools as I discover them, so check back often.  Enjoy!

SMSF Trust Deeds and Trustee Companies:

SMSF Trust Deed Upgrade and New Trustee Company Form

  • Use this form to upgrade your current SMSF trust deed to the latest strategic SMSF trust deed that I recommend and also to put in place a new SMSF special purposes trustee company
  • This form can also be used if your existing SMSF already has a special purpose trustee company

New SMSF Set Up Form – Including Special Purpose Trustee Company

  • Use this form to order a new SMSF utilising the latest strategic SMSF trust deed and special purpose trustee company
  • Price includes new SMSF trust deed, incorporation of a special purpose SMSF trustee company with ASIC, new SMSF trustee company constitution, provision of all member an trustee minutes and declarations, ABN and TFN applications for the SMSF, SMSF bank account set up (optional) and a 1 hour free consultation with myself (in person on the Gold Coast / Brisbane or via phone elsewhere in Australia)

SMSF Borrowing Resources:

SMSF Limited Recourse Loan Comparison – updated April 2011

This summary is based on information collated from lenders who offer SMSF limited recourse loan products.  The information contained within the attachment is subject to change and the comments included are the opinions of myself and other SMSF professionals.

If you are a SMSF professional or loan provider and would like to contribute or modify any of the details contained within the summary, please contact me.

A white-labelled copy of the summary is also available upon request.

St George Super Fund Loan Calculator (uses macros)

A handy tool to assess the serviceability and deposit required to purchase a property in you SMSF using a limited recourse loan.

The EvolveMySuper Property Purchase Calculator v1.0

This simple excel spreadsheet can provide you with the following information to help you analyse (crunch the numbers) a potential SMSF property purchase by providing the following informaiton:

  • The amount you will need in your SMSF to complete the purchase of your target property using a limited recourse loan
  • A before and after tax cash flow analysis to see whether your target property will be paying its own way or relying on your super contributions to keep it in the black
  • Interest coverage ratio which the banks look at when assessing the serviceability of a SMSF limited recourse loan
  • The personal income tax savings you can achieve by salary sacrificing some of your pre-tax income
  • Comparison between your weekly after tax income with and without salary sacrifice
  • The annual cash flow position of your SMSF (excluding any other investment income that doesn’t relate to your contributions or SMSF property)

The SMSF Property Purchase Calculator is not pretty – however if used correctly it will give you a valuable insight into the cash flow impact a property purchase using a limited recourse loan will have on your super.

Buying property within a SMSF compared to negative gearing calculator

This calculator provides the cash flow impact and annual rate of return when comparing the purchase of a property in a SMSF using a limited recourse loan and purchasing the same property in the name of an individual.

This is an essential resource when determining the most appropriate structure to purchase an investment property, however it cannot be used in isolation.

Other Resources:

I recommended Depreciator for your tax depreciation schedule for your investment properties – regardless of whether your property is purchased using your SMSF or not maximising your tax deductions is essential to building your wealth.

This is an affiliate link and I will earn a small commission on some schedules.

Insurance for SMSFs and Trustees:




With the ever increasing chance of an ATO audit and the associated professional and potential legal costs, all SMSF trustees need to seriously consider whether they should insure against these unavoidable costs.

In addition to cover for ATO compliance audits, Self Super Insurance also covers:

  • ATO Investigations & Prosecutions
  • Trustee Liability
  • Trustee & Member Disputes
  • SMSF Liability
  • Civil Penalties
  • Legal Costs
  • Loss of Documents
  • Libel & Slander

With the ATO scheduled to complete 10,800 audits for the 2010/11 financial year, and those SMSFs purchasing property using borrowings more likely to be targeted, I recommend this insurance cover to all my SMSF clients.

For further information please visit Self Super Insurance.

This is an affiliate link and I will earn a small commission when you purchase a policy.

Information Required for SMSF Audit Check List

This check list has been provided by GPS Business Services.